One O'Clock Gun

On 11th October 2008 the members of the One O’clock Gun Association voted and expelled five members. They were: Mr William Stewart, John Lovie, Stewart Wilson, George Robinson and James Percy. They were duly notified by recorded delivery post on 12th November 2008 and the Edinburgh Evening News Editor John McLellan was also informed of the Association’s decision by post on 14th November 2008.

The One O’clock Gun Association is hereby issuing a statement of information to members that the following persons have incorrectly given themselves the positions of :- Stewart Wilson (chairman), John Lovie (treasurer), George Robinson (acting secretary) and James Percy as the vice-chairman. As such, if any correspondence is received from the above mentioned persons, please either read it, return it, or pass it on to the official secretary Stanley Walsingham where in turn the Association will take appropriate action and consultation if necessary.
The One O’clock Gun Association must reiterate that the above mentioned names were never permanently elected for in the manner of the Association and its Constitution. The officially voted and elected treasurer is Derek Watters, secretary Stanley Walsingham, and chairman Kenny Kerr. Should it be required, the secretary can be corresponded to at
18 Grove Street, Edinburgh, EH3-8BB.

As this is the Official web-site of the One O’clock Gun Association, it must be pointed out that the Association has no involvement regarding the Greyfriars Bobby “Blue” dog. This has caused consternation among several of the Association’s members, for they were not aware of what was being constructed using the Association’s name. Although the Official Association has no grievance against the promotion of Greyfriars Bobby and North Berwick’s “Blue” dog. It does although certainly have, towards the Association’s name being incorrectly used and quoted; and refutably states any connection made in the Newspapers by the expelled named persons.