One O'Clock Gun


  The One o'clock Gun
by Dorothy Baxter

I cum from guid Auld Reekie
Where ev'ry day at one
They fire from the Castle
A great big muckle gun
And folks wi' clocks and watches
In every but and ben
Look up and check the time and say
It's one o'clock ye ken

One o'clock, one o'clock
In Edinburgh toon
The pigeons rise in Princes Street
and circle roon and roon
While folks o' every nation
Go strolling up and doon
At one o'clock in Princes Street
in Edinburgh toon

Noo tak a walk to Holyrood
And tarry for a while
Walk along the Canongate
Or up the Royal Mile
There's Knox House and auld St. Giles
for ev'ryone tae see
But one o'clock in Princes Street
Is where you ought to be.


Ye canna miss oor Castle
It stands upon a rock
And should you hear a cuckoo
It's from the Floral Clock
Oor galleries and monuments
Will fill ye with delight
But when the gun goes off at one
Ye'll get an awfy fright